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Lessons Learned: Using AI at Work

Updated: Apr 4

The role of Artificial Intelligence in marketing continues to evolve as much as AI itself. As it’s progressed in form and function, AI has become more prominent in the marketer’s toolbox. But with new technology comes new questions: how do these innovations alter how we approach our jobs? Is AI going to take our jobs?


AI will never replace us, but it can enhance the way we work. We’ve learned a few valuable lessons about how and when to utilize the power of AI—let’s get into them.


#1 AI Should Streamline and Expedite Your Process


Artificial Intelligence is all about efficiency—expediting operations is its bread and butter.


From speeding up engagements with consumers to culling down research, here’s how we use AI to streamline our daily work:

  • Instagram Community Management: Through Instagram’s AI-organized Explore Page and Suggested Posts feature, we quickly find relevant content and trending topics, boosting engagement for our clients' social accounts. This streamlines audience outreach, optimally connecting consumers with a brand.

  • Research: Instead of only relying on traditional search engines, we use AI tools like ChatGPT to gather information from a wide range of sources succinctly, offer new perspectives on concepts, and analyze large bodies of text. With the help of machine learning, we can reach deeper levels of understanding quickly, allowing us to spend more time on creative and collaborative endeavors.

  • Copy Editing: Applications like Grammarly ensure our ideas are clear, concise, and tonally sound (pun intended). Whatever the project or platform, building a narrative involves conveying an intentional message, which Grammarly monitors through its grammar and diction suggestions.  


Yes, AI helps simplify our tasks, but it won’t replace the role of the social manager, research team, or copy editor. Marketing requires the human touch, which brings us to our next lesson.

#2 Don’t Over-rely on Artificial Intelligence


Much to AI’s chagrin, it can’t solve every problem or answer every question...yet. It’s crucial to grasp not only its capabilities but also its limitations. Most AI chatbots lack updates on current events, so it’s our job to keep up with emerging information and create new ideas from what’s available.


Sure, ChatGPT has the knowledge of Marie Curie mixed with Leonardo da Vinci and everyone in between—but it lacks the essential life we bring to our work. To create timely, successful campaigns, we alone are responsible for creativity and ideation. Our experience, knowledge, and individuality are what make our ideas unique. Creatives think outside the box—which often means going in a different direction than an AI’s formula suggests. Our originality gives us a standard of creativity that AI algorithms will never be able to achieve. We build campaigns with lasting power by combining AI tools with extensive research, creativity, and a human understanding of the people and cultures around us.

#3 Use AI at Work for Inspiration, Not Execution


We implement AI to complement our processes, not replace them. We like to think of AI as another colleague we can bounce ideas off. Our creative team uses AI tools for design inspiration, to help edit copy, and to overcome writer’s block. For us, artificial intelligence is another way to stimulate our creative juices.


As integral as AI has become in marketing, TTC understands the extent of its capabilities. Marketing is constantly evolving in the digital world, as is AI’s place within it, but our grasp on its applications prepares us for the future. Reach out to us at to learn more about how we use AI and how its evolution can affect the marketing world.




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