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Lessons Learned: Out-of-Office Team Building

Updated: Mar 19

TTC team painting in Lisbon

At TTC, we focus on our people. In fact, we have a People First motto. This means we create a work environment that considers and fulfills the needs of our employees. An important part of ensuring this positive workspace is socializing outside of work. Throughout the year we close the office, creating opportunities to learn more about our colleagues and the world around us.  

Summer outings, team events, Trend Trips, and holiday parties are staples of TTC get-togethers used to cultivate our community. Let’s dive into three insights we’ve gathered on the benefits of out-of-office team building.

#1 Environment Nurtures Creativity

Group activities spark our collective curiosity. Immersing ourselves in a different country, or even another neighborhood in New York City, allows us to learn from experiences as a team. New sights and sounds enrich our thought processes, making original ideas plentiful and collaboration instinctual.

#2 New Experiences Foster Growth

Shared experiences strengthen our bonds with each other and, in turn, our work. Our outings foster a unity that goes beyond the workplace but also impacts employee tenure. Developing a communal sentiment through new experiences makes us feel more connected with our coworkers, which increases the likelihood of long-term employment, resulting in consistency across brands and campaigns.

This unified identity leads to TTC-isms: a common vernacular based on our new, shared perspectives. Being a part of a workplace that doesn’t revolve around deadlines and bottom lines ironically fosters a community that benefits the results of our campaigns. As our overall fulfillment with our jobs increases, we feel more engaged and responsible for our piece of the pie that contributes to the success of TTC.

TTC team at Yankee Game

#3 Outings Broaden Perspectives

TTC in Central Park

Of course, there’s a difference between our work selves and our home selves. While at work, we don our creative or account hats and focus on taking care of business. But what about our chef hats? Or our baseball caps?

Our personalities, observations, and insights outside of the office add a foundation of creativity that enhances our ability to produce relevant, effective campaigns. Through these excursions, we can learn more about how our coworkers see the world, enriching our collective imagination and ideas for future projects. Having time to get to know each other better without focusing on work lets us talk about a myriad of topics, adding to our creative bank from which we draw ideas to build meaningful projects.

Closing the office throughout the year to focus on the team is a priority for TTC. Building a collective memory and discovering the layers of our coworkers fosters community and curiosity, two values that fuel TTC’s creativity. Interested in our outings and the ways we build a strong community? Email us to learn more at


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