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FAQs: Small Creative Agencies

When it comes to creative agencies, does company size affect output? Over the years, we've gotten a lot of questions about how a small agency like TTC stacks up against the big guys.


Like David vs Goliath, we use our size to our advantage. We’ve answered our top five FAQs about small agencies.


#1 What are the benefits of hiring small creative agencies?


A small team is agile, delivering results in less time. Unlike larger agencies, there aren’t opinions from intermediaries, or financial obligations from shareholders—we can get the job done without jumping through extraneous hoops. Being a small agency also means we give our clients personal, bespoke attention. We prioritize producing excellent work for every project because our success relies on our creative output.


#2 Does a smaller team mean fewer ideas?


Nope! Actually, our small size contributes to more creativity. Unlike larger agencies that may allocate only a fraction of their department to campaign ideation, we dedicate all employees to creative development. This collective commitment to creativity reinforces our sense of community, which positively impacts our tenure and final projects.  

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#3 How does a small agency’s internal operations differ from a large agency?


Unlike larger agencies, smaller agencies like TTC can devote more time and attention to creating a positive and constructive workplace culture. TTC prioritizes an internal environment that encourages creativity and ownership from the entire team. From winning a pitch to execution, veteran employees and leadership work alongside newer creatives to develop excellent work together. Fostering collaboration gives us various perspectives that keep projects fresh and relevant.   


#4 How do you handle large-scale projects as a small team?


Our compact size allows us to be flexible and adapt to large projects and quick turnaround times. We work with experts in various fields, from anthropology to production, to help with larger campaigns.


Our emphasis on collaboration extends to working with clients—we ensure everyone is on the same page throughout the entire process. Our commitment to open communication with clients is one of the reasons why we’ve maintained several long-lasting relationships, with a client tenure that is triple the national average.


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#5 How do you not get pigeonholed into a specific niche as a small agency?


As a smaller agency, it’s easy to get categorized as a “cookie-cutter” team that only works on specific brands or projects. To combat this, our Collective Intelligence Process (CIP) guides our creative direction.


Through an anthropological and cultural perspective, we analyze brands and their consumers by gathering emotional, social, and behavioral information. We make sure each brand is thought of through its own filter, then use that insight to create one-of-a-kind ideas.


The number of employees at an agency does not always equate to its impact. We’ve used our size to our advantage in both external and internal operations, giving us a culture and community we are proud of.


Do you have questions about the benefits of working with a small agency? Check out our interview with Brittany Allen-Ambrose for a client perspective, or reach out to us at for more information.

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